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Established in 1964 in Kapuskasing, Dufour Waste Disposal Inc. has evolved a great deal over the last 50+ years.


In its earlier days, Dufour offered sewer hauling, septic tanks and waste disposal services on a smaller scale. Even in the early 2000s, when the company last changed ownership, Dufour had a handful of trucks and employees in one location.


Today, the company today boasts more than 70 pieces of equipment, more than 60 employees across two locations (Kapuskasing and Sudbury)—and a much wider range of services.


In addition to the management and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, Dufour also provides:




Dufour is proud to partner in joint ventures with a number of Aboriginal/Indigenous companies across Northern Ontario.


To learn more about these partnerships, contact us today.

  • A 24-hour spills response service 

  • High-powered cleaning services, dewatering, water delivery, Hydrovac and brush cutting  for construction and mining sites

  • Services for remote residential clients’ waste management needs

  • Equipment rentals

Health and Safety

In this business, safety is everything.


That’s why Dufour has health and safety committees, and fully licensed technicians who are trained in effectively handling hazardous and non-hazardous liquid and material.


Ultimately, we ensure that our people are skilled, attentive to everyone’s safety, and that they always follow governmental protocol and regulations.


Work for Dufour


Dufour is always growing!


We are regularly on the lookout for truck drivers, Hydrovac operators, portable washroom operators, cleaning operators, and spill technicians.


To apply for a job at Dufour, please email information@dufourwaste.ca, fax us at (705) 337-1085, or drop by one of our offices  in person.






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